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The Willis Pension Scheme

The Willis Pension Scheme


The Willis Pen​sion Scheme 


Welcome to the site for the Willis Pension Scheme (the "Scheme").

The Willis Pension Scheme is a "defined benefit" pension scheme for members of the Willis Group who joined prior to 2006. On this site you can find copies of useful Scheme documents, see details of the Scheme benefits or find out more about how the Scheme works.

The information on this site is general information that applies to all members of the Scheme. If you need information about the level of your own pension benefits then contact the Pensions Team in Ipswich as follows:

Telephone: 01737 230495

Please note that this site contains only a short summary of the main features of the Scheme and is designed to briefly answer the questions most commonly asked by members. This site is for information only. The information provided on this site shall not create any legal entitlement to benefits. The Scheme is governed by a legal document, the Trust Deed and Rules, which specify the way the Scheme must be operated. If there are any differences between the site content and the Scheme's Trust Deed and Rules, the Trust Deed and Rules take precedence. 

IFA's are encouraged to read through the IFA information page prior to contacting the team.
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